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An Emergency Dentist Can Eliminate the Pain of Dental Emergency Conditions

We never know when a dental emergency might arise, but when it does, it can be excruciatingly painful. Many emergencies like these require immediate dental care and treatment. They can occur at just about any age, and they’re not just about how you look either. Here are just a few examples of some common dental emergencies:

A damaged crown or bridge
A high fever or inflamed jaw from cutting teeth or erupting wisdom teeth
Abscesses or swelling
Fractures of permanent teeth or knocked out teeth as a result of trauma
Cuts inside of the mouth that just won’t stop bleeding
Lost fillings
Foreign objects that are lodged in between teeth
Jaw fractures and joint dysfunction or injury

The Emergency Exam and Treatment Options

During an emergency dental visit, you will be examined by our emergency dentist in Mundelein. X-rays will be taken to assess the nature and extent of the injury or condition. Questions will be asked of you about your dental history, the type of trauma that injured you or the condition that is causing your pain. After that, a treatment plan will be formulated for purposes of eliminating your pain. Patients should be fully informed, so you’ll be advised on all of your treatment options. Being fully informed allows you to make educated decisions.

When a dental emergency arises, you’ll need some advice on what to do until you can get here and be seen. Don’t hesitate to call us, and you will be advised on what to do for your particular emergency. North Suburban Dental is located in the middle of Lake County, so we’re generally accessible within 30 minutes from your home or work. You can be seen by our emergency dentist in Mundelein at the earliest opportunity. You can call us for your emergency dental care at 847-566-5100 or use our online contact form at NSDentist.com. We want to see you free of pain and discomfort as quickly as possible.

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