Am I a Good Candidate for a Naperville Chiropractor?

by | Nov 9, 2023 | Healthcare

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Chiropractors use all-natural methods to safely treat the musculoskeletal system. However, many people don’t know whether sessions with a chiropractor are the right solution for their condition. Learn more about whether you’re a good candidate for chiropractic care.

What Conditions do Chiropractors Treat?

Chiropractors treat conditions of the musculoskeletal system.

It can be used in conjunction with physical therapy to treat pain and mobility issues associated with sports injuries, surgery, and chronic pain.

Chiropractic treatments also treat people born with musculoskeletal abnormalities an disorders, such as sciatica and plantar faciatis.

Less people know that it can also be used to treat TMJ issues and headaches.

Are Chiropractic Treatments Safe?

Yes, chiropractic treatments are safe when performed by certified professionals. They also don’t use any medications, making them an all-natural alternative to prescription drugs.

What to Expect

Your first appointment with your chiropractor will start with an assessment of your health and your treatment goals. During this assessment, the chiropractor will verify that you are a good candidate for treatment.

Next, the chiropractor will perform your first adjustment. They will monitor your body’s reaction and alter future adjustments accordingly.

Your chiropractor will schedule your adjustments based on your condition and your insurance coverage. Most patients get multiple adjustments a week to start treatment, tapering down to once or twice a month over time.

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