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Have You Always Wanted to Attend Beauty School in Overland Park, KS?

Have you always loved fashion and makeup? Do you like to do other people’s hair or are you always trying different looks? If so, you may be missing a career opportunity by not attending cosmetology school.

For example, Business Name offers cosmetology training in three phases. Students are initially provided with an introduction to the world of cosmetology. This introduction is followed by 12 weeks of theory and skill building covering the hair, nails, and skin. The schedule is offered from Tuesday through Friday, 9am to 5pm, or 28 hours per week.

The Second Phase of the Course

After this first phase of training, students at the beauty school in Overland Park, KS move onto the second and third phases of the course. The second phase is also devoted to skill development. However, at this time, the training is done in a studio setting. In addition, this part of the program includes business education and development in the areas of guest services, client retention, and retailing.

By the time students reach this part of the program, they are attending classes from 9am to 5pm from Tuesday through Saturday with a Tuesday or Thursday schedule of 11am to 8pm. The amount of time spent in beauty school during this phase is 36 hours per week.

The Third and Final Phase of the Course

The third part of the course follows the same schedule as the second part of the training. During this last phase, students continue skill development and prepare for their state board licensing exams in cosmetology. They also develop their interviewing skills and create resumes. Students are directed toward learning the basics of securing employment during this final phase.

When the Training Begins

Start dates for beauty school are slated every six weeks during the year. Therefore, you have plenty of opportunity to start a new and interesting career. If you enjoy interacting with people and love keeping up with the latest fashions, you probably are the ideal candidate for this type of employment.