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Aluminum Extrusion Companies – The Curve of Excellence

Aluminum extrusion companies are specialists in custom and standard extrusions. They provide reliable services to some of the most challenging industries such as the transportation markets, distribution, building and electronic Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) markets – ultimately providing a “line ready” or complete product.

The Benefits of Aluminum
Today, aluminum is used in everything from cooking to building planes, trains and automobiles. But what are the benefits of aluminum and how can aluminum extrusion companies be vital to the success of your next project.

Aluminum weighs less than most other metals. This makes it easier to handle and less expensive to ship. It can also be tough and made as strong as needed for most applications. Cold-weather applications are particularly well-served by aluminum because, as temperatures fall, aluminum actually becomes stronger. Aluminum also does not rust. It’s protected by its own naturally occurring oxide film.

Aluminum: The Material of Choice for Efficiency
Aluminum’s inherently efficient characteristics combined with the extrusion process make extruded aluminum the building industry’s material of choice for efficiency in construction now and into the future.

These benefits are particularly important in the transportation market where the use of extrusions, and other aluminum components, is vital to achieving substantial gains in fuel efficiency. Whether for cars, trucks, or off-road equipment, vehicle builders are increasingly using extrusions to improve efficiency.

There’s a Shape for Every Use
With aluminum, complex shapes can be realized in one-piece extruded sections without having to use mechanical joining methods. Aluminum’s resiliency combines strength with flexibility and can flex under loads or spring back from the shock of impact.
Because aluminum is strong, rust and temperature resistant, easily fabricated and 100 percent recyclable, aluminum and aluminum alloy extrusions are often the first choice in building or structural materials.

Trust the Experts
From concept to completion, specialists in aluminum extrusion companies benefit your projects so they run smoothly and efficiently. With the versatility to either use your design or to help you create a cost-effective solution, this industry is equipped with the knowledge that can help you modify or create new profiles that fit your specific application.

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