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All About Roofing

“ A  house is a home when it shelters the body and comforts the soul”. No matter where we spend the day, it’s the home where we love to return back. The search for peace and satisfaction ends at one’s own home. To call home a complete one, several factors are to be noticed such as walls, doors, windows etc. Among all of them, roofing is the  essential factor that must be paid the maximum attention.

Following are the various kinds of roofs available in the market –

  • Stale  roofs : Expensive, but houses with stale roofs makes a difference from ordinary roofs. It makes the house more attractive and it adds a value to the appearance of the house.
  • Clay roofs : Good for areas which are basically hot and humid, thus preventing the heat from entering the house. Not only it is useful but simultaneously it looks attractive too.
  • Tile roofs : It is perfect for homes situated in areas which experience bad weather. Tiles with different designs are available satiating the “designers” in all of us to some extent.
  • Wooden roofs : They gives a traditional look. These roofs are durable in all seasons  but cannot withstand severe weather downturns.
  • Asphalt Roofs : Asphalt shingles made of tar and sheet rock are popular among people who aren’t ready to shed a big amount of money on roofing.

Ordinary roofing facilities are also available but they tend to get damaged after few years.

Roofing of a house must be made keeping in mind the location. Lightning-prone areas must have proper earthing facility. Roofs must be strong enough to resist the house from getting affected by natural calamities like  storms, tornadoes, heavy showers of rain etc.

While building the roof of the house, budget becomes an important factor that cannot be overlooked. The work can be done in lower budget, but often it fails to deliver its purpose and utility. It will be advisable to carry out a research which will help you find a reputed roofer who carries out the job affordably.

It might cost more for a good roofing, but it remains in good state for long time. An expected tenure of an ordinary roof is around 15-20 years. But often it has been seen that after certain period damages occur. Repairing them puts additional pressure on the home owner. When it comes to finding an experienced roofer, New Roof, Inc is the best company for reliable and affordable Roofing Service.


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