Advantages of Senior Companion Services

by | Mar 4, 2015 | Health Care

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Friendship and companionship are invaluable for people of all ages, but this is especially true for the elderly. Senior citizens sometimes find themselves incapable of going out into public on their own or completing regular household duties yet crave the independence and human interaction they once enjoyed in their younger years. Senior companion services can help them to fill this void, offering several benefits.

Age at Home

One of the greatest advantages of using a senior companion service is that your elderly loved one can receive emotional and physical support right at home. Older individuals have the opportunity to age in a single place rather than having to transition to a nursing home or other similar institution. Being at home is valuable because seniors tend to feel most comfortable in this environment. In fact, many who are recuperating from surgery, injury or illness can actually experience more rapid healing when they can recover at home rather than at a hospital or other healthcare facility.

Medical Benefits

Yet another benefit of senior companion services is that receiving home care decreases an elderly person’s chances of becoming injured and having to go to the hospital. The senior citizen in your family also has immediate access to a trained healthcare professional in the event that he or she suffers a medical emergency. This is especially critical if your loved one is susceptible to falling or has other physical weaknesses, such as poor eyesight or hearing. Companion services are particularly important for elderly individuals who need assistance with maintaining their established medication schedules.

Family Help Benefits

One other positive point about companion services for seniors is that without these services, the adult children of the elderly must serve as their parents’ primary caregivers. This can be difficult and even downright impossible for those adult children who work a job and have families to care for on a daily basis. With a senior companion service, adult children can carry on with their daily lives while feeling confident that their parents are in good hands and will have all of their basic needs met on a regular basis.Capital City Nurses offers highly regarded services related to companion care. To find out more, visit

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