Advantages of NJ CPR Classes

by | Jul 10, 2014 | Education

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If you have ever seen or heard someone choke or lose consciousness, it can be a very frightening event. Most people tend to ignore CPR classes in NJ or just don’t think of them until it is too late. In some cases, people don’t think of CPR options until after they could have used them. Many people refer to CPR as they would buy insurance for a car or home. You have the knowledge, skill or payment just in case you need it at a later time. You hope never to use it, but you may need it.

Save Lives

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in NJ can help save a life. Whenever someone becomes unconscious or has a heart attack, CPR can help keep oxygen to their brain and other organs long enough to get emergency medical treatment. Without the treatment and CPR, the victim could die.

During classes, you will learn the different techniques of performing CPR on adults, children and infants. You will also learn how to remove obstructions when someone is choking. There are many forms of CPR available to learn, depending on your requirements.

Requirement for a Job

Many jobs require that someone is CPR trained and certified in case of an accident. Many jobs will offer training courses they deem necessary or relevant and these can be in a classroom setting or at your office, depending on your company.

Whether you want first aid courses or Basic Life Support (BLS) classes, you can find whatever you need. Many times, those working in the healthcare industry, such as doctors, nurses and practitioners are required to have BLS training to help them recognize life-threatening situations.

Whether the job requires CPR or not, you could become an asset to any company by being certified. Current certification for CPR or First Aid can be included on any resume to make you stand apart from the rest of the applicants. This is especially true for babysitters or nannies, as well as any office position or even for restaurants.

Types of Classes Offered

BLS classes are generally offered for medical personnel only, though CPR AED training in NJ is available for those who are not working in the healthcare field. Other options include Pediatric CPR/First Aid and First Aid classes only. If you are interested in learning how to provide CPR to anyone in need, CPR AED training is preferred as it teaches techniques for infants, children and adults.

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