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ABC of hang gliding adventure

Hang gliding adventure is a popular and simple air sport. It is both a competitive and recreational sport closely associated to gliding and paragliding, but uses a much easier and less expensive craft. It consists of an aluminum or composite framed wing with the pilot harnessed hanging from the wing frame and controlling the direction by shifting the body weight.

What do you exactly do?

Hang gliding pilots are launched from winches on flat ground, hills facing into winds or by being towed aloft from an airfield behind a micro light aircraft. This hang gliding adventure package is an airborne activity and makes you feel like a bird.

How is hang gliding diverse from paragliding?

Hang gliding adventure packages are very similar to paragliding packages, in fact they are basically the same activity performed but with a slightly more different equipment. Hang gliders have a rigid form than paragliders. The main plus point about flying with hang gliders is the higher speed range that allows you to fly in slightly sturdier winds than paragliders. This performance costs more than a paraglider as the equipment’s are much heavier.

Is hang gliding adventure package safe?

Hang gliding like any other adventurous sport has its associated dangers and risks, as do the many day to day activities. At once in a life, we teach students how to operate it safely and provide awareness about the sport. The important points in learning how to fly safely are, the pilots attitude, safe equipment and competent instruction. If these conditions are met with inherent stability and slow speeds, the hang gliders can provide a relatively easy and safe way to fly.

How do they work?

The pilot begins the machine by accelerating it to high speed, then it relaxes into the contented prone harness while regulating the glider by moving their weight in relation to the control bar. Flying a hang glider is a little harder than flying a paraglider, however the machine is talented with much higher speed that is flyable on stronger winds and the gliding performance is much better. Browse Onceinalife.in for more details on hang gliding adventure packages.


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