A Wide Variety of Garage Doors are Available to Fit Your Home’s Style Jan15


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A Wide Variety of Garage Doors are Available to Fit Your Home’s Style

Your garage door has both a functional and an aesthetic purpose at your residence. In addition to protecting your garage items from the elements and theft, it gives the face of your home character. A few factors should be taken into consideration when you are shopping for a new garage door for your residence.

First, there are a few basic types of garage doors: those that swing up, swing out, slide from one side to the other, or roll up. A swing-out carriage-house door is ideal if you need to maintain a clear ceiling or simply want to have a unique look. For most homeowners, though, the roll-up type is the most preferred option. Before you purchase this type of door, be sure to measure the area between your garage door opening’s top area and the overhead framing or ceiling in your garage. Note that standard tracks need an estimated 14 inches of headroom, although low-headroom tracks are also available. You can also get a special track designed for garages that have cathedral ceilings or abnormally high walls.

Importance of Style
It is essential that you choose a door that fits your home’s existing style. For instance, homeowners who live in Craftsman bungalows may prefer overhead doors that resemble the type of swing-out overhead doors associated with earlier Craftsman-style architecture homes. You can get a modern roll-up door that mimics the older swing doors through a company that manufactures garage doors. Metro West MA, companies install these modern doors that have side faux strap hinges as well as handles that flank a deep groove located in the center.

More Style Tips
A majority of styles, no matter whether they are contemporary or traditional, have detailing such as trim and panels. You will also find some garage doors with glass panels, which allow daylight to enter your garage and make your home look more inviting. Some roll-up doors have frosted plastic or shatterproof glass in the panels, providing a look that is more modern. It is worth noting that doors featuring frame-and-panel construction are usually more durable compared with doors that have nailed-on or glued-on decorative detail. A wide variety of overhead door design options is available on the market to suit your taste and budget.

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