A Thread Lift Can Give You a Neck That Looks Younger and Has Fewer Wrinkles Jun25


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A Thread Lift Can Give You a Neck That Looks Younger and Has Fewer Wrinkles

As you have gotten older, it is likely that you have taken steps to keep your facial skin as youthful-looking as possible. However, while you may not have deep wrinkles in your facial skin, you may be noticing that you have loose skin and wrinkles on your neck. If you would like to do something about your neck, a thread lift may be a good option.

When a non-surgical neck lift is performed, dissolvable threads are gently injected under the skin in the neck. This provides the benefit of instantly lifting the skin. As soon as the treatment is over, you will notice a difference. But the results are going to continue to get better. This is because the threads will serve as a framework where more collagen will be produced. Having more collagen makes your skin look firm and healthy. This will tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles.

You don’t need to worry about taking any time off to recover from a non-surgical neck lift. This is a lunchtime treatment that can be performed in less than an hour. There’s no recovery time afterward. You may want to use a bit of makeup to cover any areas that are a bit red where the threads were injected.

If you are noticing hollow areas or wrinkles on your facial skin, you may want to combine a thread lift for the mid-face area and neck during the same treatment. Both treatments are right for healthy adults who would like to enjoy a more youthful look.

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