A Thong for Every Occasion

by | Apr 14, 2014 | Shopping

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There are many different types of thongs that can be worn with clothing. While a thong may have a bad reputation for some people, it has a stellar reputation for others. Sexy thongs should not be over-looked when you are shopping for high quality lingerie online. In fact, a lot of premium lingerie designers create thongs in their lingerie sets for every occasion. The three general types of thongs include the tanga, g-string and the traditional.

The Traditional Thong

Traditional thongs offer more coverage than the tanga and the g-string, and come in many different types of fabrics. This type of thong can be worn as everyday attire or with clothing where you do not want to see a panty line. More traditional thongs are being created to match bras and give a woman a sexier look with more exposure of flesh at her back side.

The G-String Thong

The g-string offers a tiny triangle of fabric in the front for coverage and is pretty much thin elastic around the waist and between the buttocks. This type of lingerie tends to be very provocative and is created with fabrics that are smooth and will lay flat when worn with tight fitting clothing. They tend to be quite sheer and offer the slightest layer of comfort beneath body-hugging dresses.

The Tanga Thong

The tanga thong is just like the traditional thong crossed with regular panties. Fabric covers the upper half of the bum and leaves the bottom exposed to prevent a panty line. Other than that, tanga thongs vary per the style of underwear but remain typically thick-waisted to provide a lot of coverage.

The Allure and Style of Thongs

Thongs may not be for everyone, but they still offer a certain playful and cute air that affords them high ranks in the world of lingerie. They come in many different types of fabrics with tiny bows accentuating hips and even dainty ribbon lace-ups in the front. Satin, silk and lace tend to be top choices for this type of lingerie and create a desirable look when coupled with bras and baby dolls of matching hue and patterns. There are many types of styles of adorable thongs that are available, and can be viewed when you visit Straps & Strings online.

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