A Termite Inspection In Phoenix AZ Is a Necessity May14


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A Termite Inspection In Phoenix AZ Is a Necessity

While hurricanes can do serious damage to properties in Phoenix, AZ, termites have nearly the same potential in causing major damage too. That is why an expert termite inspection in Phoenix AZ is a necessity if you want to make sure you maintain the value of your property.

Where Subterranean Termites Live

Just as much as you do not want a windstorm to flatten your house, the same goes for not wanting it to fall prey to subterranean termites. Eastern subterranean termites are the most widely distributed termites in the US and are usually found in the eastern states, including Arizona.
Swarmers will make themselves well known in the area usually around springtime, but on occasion, smaller swarms will happen during the summer months too. Swarming most frequently occurs in the morning hours following a warm rain and when the soil is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If you find this activity going on, you need to arrange a termite inspection immediately.

A Highly Damaging Insect

Subterranean termites in Arizona are extremely damaging to common building timbers, especially the Douglas fir. They can quickly eat out the internal parts of a structure, devouring the spring wood and leaving the harder summer wood sections still intact. Infested wood is often depicted by a thin shell, with a honeycomb of tiered, hollowed sections, all packed with moist soil. Termites like environments that are dark and damp, as this is essential to their survival.

The subterranean termite can be a serious threat considering it can cause thousands of dollars in damages to fix. It has been estimated that one in five residences in areas of high activity will be affected by this species of termite. Therefore, it is imperative that you set an appointment – especially if you live Phoenix, AZ, – for a termite inspection. It is not surprising that some homeowners in Phoenix, AZ, fear termites like they do hurricanes.

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