A Super Easy Guide for Getting in the Water for Your First Dive Sep13


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A Super Easy Guide for Getting in the Water for Your First Dive

Scuba diving offers many adventures in the water that you won’t soon forget. There’s a whole new world of life to see as you relax while gently gliding through the water. Here are a few tips for Maui scuba diving adventures if you’ve never been so that you’re prepared before getting into the water.

Protecting Your Mouth

If you’re not accustomed to swimming with your mouth closed or if you don’t feel comfortable using a regulator, then consider using a snorkel. This will make it easier to breathe in the water while keeping the water out of your mouth until you feel a bit more comfortable with your surroundings.

Gear That Fits

When you meet with someone about gear for Maui scuba diving lessons or scheduled dives, you need to make sure the gear that you get fits securely. Your mask needs to fit snug against your face but not so that it’s difficult to breathe through your mask. If your mask fits the way that it should, then you decrease your chances of water getting into your mask as well.

Go With a Guide

For the first few dives that you go on, you want to be with a guide who can show you how to get into your wetsuit and use your equipment. The guide can also show you how to properly get into the water and how to float and descend. Take a buddy with you as well. This is important as you can monitor where each person is in the water and help if it’s needed.


Before going on a dive, you want to stay as hydrated as you can. This will help with your buoyancy in the water. It also gives your muscles the energy they need so that you can easily move around in the water during the dive.

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