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A Root Canal Fix, the Perfect Opportunity for Cosmetic Dentistry in Charlotte NC

A small cosmetic concern, such as discoloration in teeth or a crooked back tooth, is a perfectly acceptable reason to visit the local dentist. But, would it not be logical to get a full review of the mouth while you’re there? How about inspecting the wisdom teeth, checking the gums, and reviewing for any kinds of cracks or cavities?

This is exactly what the local Cosmetic Dentistry Charlotte NC will do, and it only takes a few minutes. This is also a prime opportunity to find and fix, beneath those more obvious cosmetic concerns, a very real and pressing matter. A root canal may not be causing any symptoms, but it could be very present.

A root canal is when a tooth has decayed entirely or is in the process of decaying. The actual treatment process includes a removal of the pulp that surrounds the tooth and is present at its bottom. When a tooth has decayed, the nerves and connective tissue surrounding the tooth have died. This is known as the pulp. When it has died, it actually degrades entirely and leaves a small gap. When this has occurred, it is very likely that an infection will form underneath the tooth because the body naturally wants to fill in or fill out this gap.

A root canal could lead to just a small infection, but it could also spread to other teeth. If left unattended, it could lead to full out gum disease, or the total degradation of the tooth in the form of an abscessed tooth. It is not something to take lightly. Oddly, it could occur without any immediate symptoms. This is why an examination from a cosmetic dentist is so important, because it allows for steady inspections of potential trouble areas.

Believe it or not, tooth decay could lead to permanent teeth damage. Once a tooth has deteriorated, it cannot traditionally be returned to its former form. A root canal is almost universally successful in warding off infections. Often times, a patient is able to keep the tooth as long as that pulp area is filled in and invulnerable to further infections. Visit the Caldwell, Bills & Petrilli Dentistry to learn more about root canals and other dental related concerns.

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