A Residential Dumpster Service in Birmingham, AL, Is Convenient

by | Oct 25, 2022 | Dumpster Service

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Are you ready to clean your home of unused items you’ve collected over the years? Are you renovating the bathroom or building an addition? Cleaning projects and renovations lead to waste. You may have considered laying a tarp on the lawn and bundling the trash or loading up a trailer to haul it to the dump. However, a residential dumpster service in Birmingham, AL, is more convenient and often more affordable. If you have never used a roll-off dumpster rental service, you may have some concerns or questions you would like addressed first. Here are the answers to two of the most commonly asked questions about dumpster rental services.

What Is a Dumpster Rental Service?

Every week your city may haul off your trash. A residential dumpster service in Birmingham, AL, works similarly to your regular trash service. They will not come every week unless requested, but they will provide you with a roll-off dumpster rental. They will deliver the rental dumpster to your home on the date you requested. When you are finished using it, they will haul it away and dispose of the trash. Like your regular trash services, you do not need to separate your trash materials. You can toss everything into one bin without worry.

What if I Fill the Dumpster but Have More Things to Throw Away?

You will call a residential dumpster service in Birmingham, AL, to schedule the drop-off and pick-up of the dumpster. The rental company can help you estimate the size of the dumpster you will need, but it is always a possibility that you will not have enough space in the dumpster if you add on to your original project. The best residential dumpster service will offer flexible pick-up schedules. You can call the company and request they empty the roll-off dumpster. The company will charge you an extra fee, but they will empty the dumpster to meet your project’s demands.

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