A Professional Plumbing Service Quickly Cleared a Clogged Drain in Findlay Ohio

When people eat in a restaurant they want everything in it to be clean and sanitary. This includes the restrooms. They want to be able to use the restroom and thoroughly wash their hands. A clogged drain in Findlay Ohio can send the wrong message to restaurant patrons, who might assume that the remainder of the restaurant is not in good condition. A restaurant owner might try to quickly solve the drain problem by use a chemical drain cleaner that they bought at the hardware store. However, after an hour the drain is still not working. He then calls in a professional plumbing company to clear the drain.

The licensed plumber arrives with all of the equipment that he needs to quickly solve the problem. A restaurant plumbing system is quite large and complex. The clogged drain in Findlay Ohio could be in any part of the system. A sophisticated camera on the end of a steel cable will allow the plumber to locate the clog. The camera has a GPS device that will transmit the location to the plumber’s smart phone. He will also be able to see what type of clog is keeping the drain from running freely. This is particularly important in a public restroom. People and their children can throw all sorts of items down the toilet.

The camera allows the plumber to see a small plastic child’s toy that is blocking the drain. He decides that a mechanized steel claw will be able to easily break up the toy. Within minutes the plumber has pulled out the camera equipment and is using the claw to pulverize the toy. In addition to the toy, the plumber saw a lot of grease, soap scum and hair building up on the side of the drain pipes. He showed a picture of this to the restaurant owner and explained that the drains could experience another clog in a short time. The plumber recommended that he hydro jet the pipes to remove the debris. Hydro jetting uses water under extreme pressure to clear out pipes.

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