A Few Tips On Choosing The Best Siding For Your Home

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Construction & Maintanance

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The material on the outside of your home is the siding; siding is available in wood, vinyl, aluminum and various composite materials. Of all the choices perhaps wood continues to be the most popular for a number of reasons. When you are faced with choosing wood siding for your home you will want to take into account eh style, the type of wood and the treatments the wood has been subjected to.

San Antonio siding is available in a range of different styles, perhaps the most popular is clapboard which runs in a horizontal direction, each piece overlaps the piece below it. Other popular wood siding includes shakes and shingles; these products are quite rustic in appearance and emulate the “old west.” Cove siding is also used but is not as popular as other styles. The style that is elected for use on your home should reflect the overall design and theme; some wood siding is installed in a vertical plane while others are installed on the diagonal although having the sliding installed horizontally is by far the most common, this is especially true where there is considerable annual rainfall as it allows the rain to run off the surface which prevents the onset of rot.

There are three popular woods that are used in San Antonio siding; cedar, redwood and pine. Each of these woods has their own unique characteristics as well as attributes. Cedar wood is resistant to insect infestation as well as resistant to swelling. Cedar is ideal if you plan on staining it to a specific color. Redwood on the other hand is easy to maintain and when left in its natural state takes on a beautiful patina over time. Pine is the least expensive of the three and is usually the choice when the homeowner knows that the home is going to be painted instead of stained.

It is also prudent to consider any pre-treatments that the wood may have had. As a natural material wood is biodegradable, some woods are treated in the factory to render them non-biodegradable using various preservatives.

Some wood siding is available which is pre-sealed, ready for painting or staining as desired while other types of siding are factory finished in a number of colors. When making the final decision, weigh the convenience of not having to finish the siding after installation vs. the additional material cost.

The first line of defense against the elements is your homes siding. If you are looking for a company to repair damaged San Antonio siding or to install completely new siding you are invited to discuss the options with Shaw Company Remodeling or visit shawcoremodeling.com for more info.

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