A Few Tips for Area Rug Cleaning in Fairfield County CT May15


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A Few Tips for Area Rug Cleaning in Fairfield County CT

It can be surprising just how dirty and dusty flooring can get. Tiles and hardwood floors can be easily swept and mopped. However, carpets and rugs are different. Here are a few tips to help you out if you are in need area rug cleaning in Fairfield County CT.

Shake And Vacuum

If the rug can be easily moved, take it outside and shake it out. If possible, hang it over a clothesline or railing and beat it a bit. This will get rid of the loose dust and dirt before it has a chance to settle into the fibers. After you have done this, take the rug back inside and vacuum it thoroughly to remove the particles that are hiding in the fibers. Dirt and dust can have sharp edges that can damage the fibers as people walk on the rug. If you notice that the rug smells bad you can sprinkle some baking soda on it before vacuuming to remove the odor.

Spot Clean

Once the dirt and dust have been removed, check over the rug for stains and spots. Purchase a spot cleaner and follow its directions to get rid of problems on the rug. If you are not sure of what to use, browse our website to find information on which products are best for the type of rug you have. Some fibers will need to be treated carefully to avoid damaging them.

Professional Cleaning

If you are having trouble getting out a stain, or are afraid to use any cleaning products on your rug, contact a company that specializes in area rug cleaning in Fairfield County CT. They will be able to determine the best course of action for getting the rug clean without causing any further damage to it. You can ask for suggestions and do it yourself, or have a professional come to the house to clean it for you.

Keeping your rugs clean will not only keep the house looking neat and well-kept, but it will also extend the life of them. While it may take a bit of time and money to keep them clean, it will be much better than having to constantly replace them.

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