A Few Pointers On Buying A Used Car

by | May 3, 2016 | Automotive

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A two or three year old used Subaru often is the best value; the price of acquisition of course is considerably lower than purchasing a brand new car but so are on-going costs. The cost to ensure a used car is lower, so are the taxes and a used Subaru that is two or three years old has already taken the majority of its depreciation hit. Often you can buy a great used car that is far nicer than any car you might be able to afford if you were purchasing new.

The downside of buying any used car is finding the perfect balance of risk vs. value; consider the following.

* Reliability: One underlying reason why used cars are very attractive to many buyers is the fact that the reliability has greatly increased in the last decade. A typical five year old car today will have about one third fewer problems than a five year old used car would have had ten years ago. Problems with rust, failures in the exhaust system and problems with the engine and transmission are no longer anything to really worry about, these improvements makes buying a used car far less of a risk. When a used Subaru is maintained as it should be there is no reason to believe that it won’t give 150 t0 200 thousand trouble free miles.

* Warranties and repairs: It has just been stated that used cars are far more reliable today than they ever have been but nevertheless, it is important to take maintenance and repair expenses into account. If you buy a used Subaru that still has some remaining warranty this is one thing but older cars are normally well out of their warranty. You will have to pay for repairs are replacement parts but with the reliability built into a used Subaru the savings that you will recognize over buying a new car should more than compensate for out of pocket expenses associated with a car that is out of warranty.

As well as reliability and the warranty issues you can save considerably as someone else dealt with the depreciation which for a three year old car can easily be 40 to 50 percent. Visit Hawksubaru.com to know the more information also follow on to Twitter.

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