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A Family Lawyer in Decatur AL Helps Divorcing Clients With Issues of Child Custody and Support

The issues of child custody and child support can be contentious ones as a couple works on agreements during the divorce process. A Family Lawyer in Decatur AL represents one of the spouses, while the other needs his or her own attorney for representation. Considering the needs of the children should be the primary focus.

Child Support Considerations

Parents who are ordered to pay support often are troubled by the amount, as they view the monthly or twice-monthly payments as far too high. It’s important to understand that these payments do not only pay for the child’s direct needs, such as food and clothing. The money also contributes to the custodial parent’s payments for rent or mortgage, utility bills and other expenses related to maintaining a household. A Family Lawyer in Decatur AL can explain how this works so that the noncustodial parent has a better understanding and less antagonism.

Sensitive Situations

Some of the situations are especially sensitive for one or both of the parents, as well as for the children. For example, the couple may have split up because one person was having an affair. That individual might want to quickly enter into a domestic partnership with the romantic interest. How does this affect the prospect of having primary physical or shared physical custody? This parent needs Confident Legal Guidance from an experienced attorney.

Helping the Children Adjust

Both parents must keep in mind that this life change tends to be very hard for youngsters. Anything they can do to help the children adjust is important, and that includes minimizing the acrimony between the two parents. Children understand the signs of stress and are alert to the negative impact that divorce is having on their folks. This can lead to feelings of guilt and depression in addition to their natural sadness about the changes in their family.

Putting the children’s needs first can help this couple resolve their divorce-related disagreements and effectively negotiate custody and support issues. A law firm such as O’Neal and Kilgo can help by arranging for collaborative or mediation sessions that guide the two individuals toward an agreement that is beneficial for the youngsters.

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