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A Brief Overview of Rubber Stamps for Office Supplies in Honolulu and the World

Rubber stamps are available from the simplest products to customized devices crafted with modern, cutting-edge technology. A laser-engraved stamp, for example, can include detailed graphic design to include the customer’s business logo and any other imagery desired. These rubber stamps can be ordered from a company that specializes in this type of office supplies in Honolulu.

A Variety of Purposes

Many businesses use rubber stamps for a variety of purposes, so they must order several from a store selling office supplies in Honolulu. For example, they may need to stamp certain forms “approved” or “preapproved.” These are common designations for loan applications and even for marketing materials enticing consumers to apply for a loan.

Prevailing Technology

People tend to think that old inventions for offices have all been replaced by new technology, but that’s hardly the case. Consider that many office workers still must use pens and pencils, as well as ledger pads and other paper. Filing cabinets still serve as a backup to data stored on hard drives. Typewriters may not be seen in offices anymore, but the rubber stamp still prevails.

A Brief History

Rubber wasn’t discovered until the 1700s when a French explorer found the substance in South America. Its original practical use, which continues today, was an eraser for lead pencils.

Rubber stamps were invented in the 1860s and quickly became very popular for business use. Metal stamps were used before this. Self-inking stamps were available by the end of the 1890s. Date stamps were the most common type, providing workers with a quick and official way to mark incoming and outgoing paperwork. Businesses also used them for return addresses on envelopes and packages.

The 21st Century

These are still common uses in the 21st Century. Date stamps are important for many documents, as the person at the front counter or desk marks the paperwork as it arrives. They are commonly used in a broad range of organizations, including law firms, courthouses, banks, manufacturing plants and insurance companies. The devices can be ordered from companies such as Rubber Stamp One Day Service, known as RSODS. Click here to get started.

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