9 Events A Calgary Keynote Speaker Should Attend

by | Nov 2, 2023 | Sales coaching

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The vibrant city of Calgary in Alberta, Canada, provides a wealth of chances for keynote speakers to interact with various audiences and impart their knowledge. Calgary’s event calendar is brimming with gatherings that can provide an excellent platform for your message. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the key events that a Calgary keynote speaker should consider attending or speaking at, allowing you to make a meaningful impact and connect with an engaged and inquisitive audience in this vibrant city.

  1. TEDxCalgary: TEDx events are held worldwide, and Calgary has its own local chapter. Speaking at or attending TEDxCalgary can be a great opportunity to share innovative ideas and network with other thought leaders.
  1. Calgary Chamber of Commerce Events: The Calgary Chamber hosts various events and luncheons featuring prominent speakers. These gatherings provide a platform for business leaders and entrepreneurs to share insights and connect.
  1. Calgary Economic Development Events: Calgary Economic Development hosts events that focus on economic growth and development in the city. These events often feature keynote speakers who can provide valuable insights into the city’s future.
  1. Sustainability Conferences: Calgary is committed to sustainability and environmental conservation. Consider attending or speaking at sustainability conferences or events in the area, such as the Sustainable Calgary Conference.
  1. Innovation and Technology Conferences: Calgary has a growing tech and innovation sector. Events like the Calgary Innovation Coalition’s Innovation Rodeo or the AccelerateAB conference offer opportunities for speakers to share their expertise in these areas.
  1. Leadership and Personal Development Seminars: Organizations often host leadership and personal development seminars. These events can provide a platform for keynote speakers to share their wisdom and motivate attendees.
  1. Cultural and Arts Festivals: Calgary hosts numerous cultural events and festivals. Consider speaking at or attending festivals like the Calgary International Film Festival, the Calgary Folk Music Festival, or the Calgary Stampede, which often feature keynote speakers.
  1. Health and Wellness Conferences: Events focused on health and wellness are gaining popularity. If you specialize in this area, look for conferences like the Calgary Wellness Expo.
  1. Educational Institutions: Many educational institutions in Calgary host speaker series or conferences. These can be an excellent platform for keynote speakers with expertise in education, research, or related fields.

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