6 Signs You Need to Invest in Garage Door Service

It’s important that you can use your Palm Bay home the way you want, including being able to get into and out of the garage without a problem. When new, your garage door probably worked perfectly – it moved up smoothly, and then closed without an issue. However, over time, problems can crop up, meaning that you need to invest in garage door service in Palm Bay, FL. Not sure if your situation qualifies as needing professional help? Here are six signs that you need to invest in service.

1. Your Garage Door Is Noisy: While all garage doors will make some amount of noise, they shouldn’t be a nuisance. If you notice that your squeals, squeaks, rumbles or makes other worrisome sounds, there could be a deeper problem.

2. Your Garage Door Is Unbalanced: When opened manually, your garage door should be balanced and able to remain at the half-open position. If it does not, then the door isn’t balanced and you need new springs.

3. Your Garage Door Opener No Longer Works: When you press the open or close button on your remote, the opener should immediately begin working. If it does not, or if there is a significant delay, you need to invest in garage door service in Palm Bay, FL.

4. Your Garage Door Is Showing Signs of Age: All garage doors will deteriorate over time. Regular maintenance can help slow the process, but eventually, you’ll need to replace it. If it’s time, call the professionals.

5. Your Garage Door Is Frozen: Is your garage door stuck in position and cannot be opened or closed? It could be a problem with the rollers or the track. You’ll need a professional garage service contractor to help.

6. Your Garage Door Is Off the Tracks: Your garage door rolls up and down on two metal tracks. If the rollers come off the tracks, the door will not move smoothly, or may not move at all. Do not try to force it – call a garage door service in Palm Bay, FL.

Are you experiencing any of the problems mentioned above? Do you have another garage-door related concern? Get in touch with us at Paradise Garage Doors. We’ve served Brevard County and the surrounding area since 1997 and we’d be happy to help with your garage door issue. Call us at 321-215-4343.

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