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6 Do’s and Don’ts When You Attend a Trade Show

Don’t just show up for a trade show. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts you’ll want to check out before you attend your next event.

Do: Train your staff

Make sure you pick the best sales people on your team. They should know how to put prospective clients at ease. They should be able to provide customers with helpful answers.

Don’t: Use bad displays

If you’re using boring or badly-done displays, you can expect low numbers of guests swinging by your booth. Invest in better displays by checking out display providers for trade shows in Orlando.

Do: Explore your options

There’s a slew of designs and styles you can choose. You can also pick out rental options or ask the firm to come up with a custom design for your booth. Don’t just settle for the first booth you see. Make sure you research the options that are available to you.

Don’t: Go for the same style

If the style you used for your old displays aren’t exactly winning a bigger portion of the consumer pie, you may be sticking to old, outdated and boring ones. Work together with a reputable display builder for trade shows in Orlando. Find out what’s going to work for your booth and displays.

Do: Check out the firm

Look into the company’s background, the Business Know-How says. Find out how much experience the company has. What kind of reputation does it have? Is it a good one? Can you trust the firm to provide you with the displays your business needs? Ask as many questions as you can before choosing a provider.

Don’t: Give out the wrong freebies

A lot of companies give out freebies in a bid to get people to come to their booths. But not all freebies are good. If you’re going to hand over free items, make sure they’re relevant to your business.

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