5 Mistakes to Avoid When You Pick a Wedding Minister

by | Oct 11, 2017 | Weddings

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Your wedding minister in Corpus Christi is going to set the right mood and ambiance for the ceremony and event. Here are a few mistakes you’ll want to avoid making at all costs:

Choosing one, sight unseen

Some couples marry without meeting the minister first. But if you want to make sure you’re hiring the right one, you’ll want to meet up with that minister first. Talk to him and discuss details of the ceremony. That’s an easy way to know if the minister is a good fit with you and your fiancé.

Not doing any research

These days, the internet makes it easy for us to get the information we need. Don’t waste it. Go online and look for a wedding minister in Corpus Christi who fits the bill. That’s another easy way to find what you need. However, make sure you read through the minister’s information first. That should give you the basics enough to know if the minister should go on your list of prospective officiants or not.

Not asking early

If you and your fiancé have different religions and decide on asking two officiants for the wedding, do clear this up with the officiants first. Not all houses of worship allow for such arrangements so it would be wise to inform them early on, says Brides. If you leave it too late, that could put you in a bind, trying to look for a replacement while D-day is just a few weeks away.

Tossing those references

It’s fair enough to ask for references. But don’t just chuck these to oblivion. Follow up. Make those calls. Ask about their experience. Was it a good one? This can greatly influence your decision.

Deciding on your own

Whichever officiant you go for, be sure it’s all right with your fiancé as well. Pick someone you’ll both be happy and comfortable with.

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