4 Things a Brain Injury Attorney in Henderson Nevada Will Tell Clients Jul18


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4 Things a Brain Injury Attorney in Henderson Nevada Will Tell Clients

Over two million people sustain TBIs in the United States each year, and over 50,000 of those injuries are fatal. The major causes of TBI (traumatic brain injury) are auto accidents, blunt force and falls. TBI can result in severe damage, requiring one to file for damages, disability, and medical reimbursement. Below are five things plaintiffs should know about TBI litigation.

Characterization of TBI

The state characterizes TBI as an acquired neurological injury that negatively affects cognitive function, physical ability and communication. TBI does not include degenerative or congenital brain injury, and to receive compensation, one should call a brain injury attorney in Henderson, Nevada with right away. The longer a plaintiff waits to take action, the lower the chances of receiving enough compensation for continued care.

Frequency of Brain Injury

There are thousands of TBIs and deaths each year in the state, and diagnosis is made harder by symptoms’ delayed onset. If a person injures their head in an accident, they should go to the doctor right away for testing. Follow-up is important even if preliminary results indicate no damage, since it can take weeks or months for some signs of brain injury to appear. Getting medical help right away can keep damage from getting worse, and it can link the injuries to the accident. An attorney can use such documentation to prove damages.

Sporting Injuries

The state requires sports coaches to undergo head injury training, and it requires an injured player to be fully evaluated before they can resume play. If a person is injured while playing sports, adherence to the rules can affect the amount of compensation received. A brain injury attorney in Henderson, Nevada will know the law, and will work within it to get a settlement that reflects the severity of the injury.

Privacy Concerns

Litigation can be costly for insurers, and they frequently monitor social media and phone calls to confirm whether someone is suffering from brain damage. A brain injury lawyer can help clients avoid mistakes that can jeopardize a case. Even a Facebook post can be used to prove that one is well enough to get online, and therefore cannot have brain damage. While privacy is important, one’s activities can affect the amount of compensation they receive.

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