4 Signs You Need Braces in Your Life

by | Jun 7, 2017 | Dentist

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Kids and adults alike can suffer from teeth alignment problems. Not all people take these seriously but if left untreated, these issues could make chewing difficult, increase the risk of tooth decay and even strain your teeth as well as jaw muscles. Teeth alignment problems could eventually lead to several risk and health complications. Here are some signs you’ll need to find a dentist for braces in North Hollywood:

You’ve got a bad bite

If you tend to bite into your inner cheeks or tongue, suffer minimal to significant discomfort when you chew or take a bite, or have lisps or other speech problems, these are just a few of the signs that you’ve got a bad bite. This could be caused by improper alignment of your jaws, says Healthline.

You’ve got crowding issues

This essentially refers to a condition wherein there are too many teeth in your mouth. If you or your kids suffer from these dental problems, it would be best to find a dentist and have them prescribe a teeth alignment treatment. Options include veneers and Invisalign, to name a few but depending on the severity of your teeth problems, your dentist might prescribe metal braces instead, which are far more effective at correcting teeth alignment issues.

You’ve got gaps and pockets  

If your teeth are spaced too far apart, a brace, retainer or even invisible aligners or Invisalign, could fix the problem and eliminate those gaps. If you’re tired of food getting stuck in between pockets of spaces between your teeth, your dentist can suggest treatments, from braces in North Hollywood to veneers and more to correct the problem.

You’ve got halitosis

This could be due to the buildup of food in between your teeth. You’ll want to deal with these problems right away if you don’t want the halitosis to get worse. Talk to a dentist today about possible treatment options.

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