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4 Insightful Points to Choosing a Skilled Nursing Home

ProPublica says about one in every three patients in skilled nursing facilities suffer from neglect. These often include being given the wrong medication, coming down with an infection because of their treatment or suffering from other types of harm due to negligence. Records also show that about 59 percent of all the errors as well as injuries were more than preventable.

This makes it even more important to make sure you choose a skilled nursing home in Chesterfield MO that’s reliable and trustworthy. Here are several tips you’ll want to put to good use:

Involve the Family

Don’t try to take this on alone. Ask everyone in the family. If you have a support group, that’s going to make it easier to make the decisions for your elderly loved ones. If they’re of sound mind, involve your parents in the decision-making process as well.

Use a Referral Placement Service

The best way to find a skilled nursing home in Chesterfield MO that fits the bill is to get your search online. Use a free referral placement service like Oasis Senior Advisors – Chesterfield. It already consolidates tips, advice and slews of other material to make it easier for you to find the ideal senior care option. It’s free as well.

Know the Doctor’s Rounds

Once your loved one is in, a good way to get a gauge on the level of care your loved ones will receive is to get to know the doctor. Make sure the physician has the right credentials and plenty of experience for the job. It would be wise to get to know the doctor and be there for when s/he makes the rounds. That way, if you have any concerns or issues about patient care, the physician will be there to answer all your questions or put your worries to rest.

Be Easy to Contact

Your schedule might not allow you to visit every day. That’s all right. Just remember to stay accessible through phone. That way, if there are any emergencies, the facility can contact you as soon as possible. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!