4 Decades of Caring Pet Services Offered at Veterinary clinic Lenexa KS

by | Mar 19, 2014 | Animal

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The Cherokee Animal Clinic first opened its doors in 1964. Since that time the animal hospital and clinic has provided routine and emergency care for pets in the Overland Park and Lenexa Kansas areas for more than four decades. The veterinary clinics lengthy history has established compassionate hometown care combined with constant advancements in the field.

The facilities include five pet examination rooms, a surgical room with AAHA approval, hospital ward, intensive care ward, two waiting rooms, two receptions areas and two pharmacies. The Best Veterinary clinic Lenexa KS runs a kennel care facility with full services and separate boarding for cats and dogs. The full range of health services offered both to felines and canines include pet wellness care, vaccinations, preventive care, cancer treatments and therapy laser treatments.

Well visits include a complete examination of your pet with heart and lung evaluation, eyes and ears exam and mouth and teeth check. Vets look for any signs of tumors, skin rashes, joint concerns, muscle pain and development, and abdomen swelling or abnormalities. Patients receive routine laboratory test on an annual schedule for heart worm detection, fecal exams, and general screenings. These tests are vital to prevent and or identify medical concerns or illness. Regular annual visits maintain good health contributing to fewer veterinarian visits other than annual checkups for rabies and other optional vaccines.

Cancer is very different for pets as most react well to cancer treatments. The Veterinary clinic Lenexa KS chemotherapy care for dogs and cats is highly successful with few negative reactions. Felines and Canines do not react to cancer treatments the same as humans. They often become cancer free and enjoy a long happy life after the cancer is gone.

Surgery has never been easier or less painful as is now for the family pet. The pain of chronic ailments such as arthritis, chronic ear infections and other medical conditions ease with laser therapy treatments. Laser surgery allows veterinarians to perform procedures far less evasive than before with less bleeding, using less if any drugs, and a much faster recovery time. This treatment is optional; anyone interested should inquire about such options with their vet, asking how pets can benefit from laser treatment. The informative site has all the information needed to answer any additional questions.

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