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3 Ways to Spend an Afternoon at the Coffee Shop

Sometimes, you just want to spend an entire afternoon in your local coffee shop. From the fragrant aromas drifting through the air, to the constant stream of interesting people ebbing and flowing through the doors, there’s nothing quite like a coffee house in Houston. If you feel a bit silly spending an entire day in one spot, use one of these reasons to justify it.

Do Some Work

Whether you’re studying for exams or spending the afternoon blogging, you have to do the work anyway, so why not do it in an enjoyable location? Bring your laptop, your day planner and enough money to keep you in coffee—don’t forget to switch to decaf after a while—and allow yourself to sit at the table in the corner until you’ve learned all you need to and typed all you had to.

Take Your Child on a Grownup Adventure

How many times has your son or daughter asked for a drink of your latte? Taking your kiddo to the “forbidden” coffee shop could make for an experience they will remember for years to come, if not forever. Healthy options are common these days, making it easier to avoid caffeine and sugar, and if you take them early in the afternoon, any sugar will wear off well before bedtime. Just imagine the excitement when you pull up and read the sign: “Silver Sycamore. Sycamore Grounds Coffee House is Pasadena’s newest coffee shop. Come and be served the finest cup of coffee in Houston!”

Ask Someone to Tell You a Story

You’ve probably watched one of the many viral videos where people sit on a street curb or outside of a store and ask strangers to tell a story. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be one of those people? Why not take a seat in your favorite coffee shop and prop up a sign asking for someone to sit down and tell you a story? You might be surprised at who sits down, what you learn and the friendships you could make. You don’t even have to record anything.

Next time you’re trying to find an excuse to spend an afternoon at a coffee house in Houston, consider some of these ideas, or come up with one all your own. Grab your favorite drink and a pastry or two, and spend a leisurely day.

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