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3 Vital Things to Know About Pool Resurfacing

If every time you look at your pool and you cringe a little inside, it may be time to call a pool resurfacing service in Orange, CA. An experienced service can make your pool look as good as new, help you keep up with the trends, and leave you yearning for a time by the water. Before you reach for the phone, however, there are three things you should know to make your life easier and give you better results.

Finish Matters

The finish you choose for your pool will determine not only how it looks but how long it lasts. Quartz, pebbles, sandstone and micro pebbles are all great options that provide a variety of looks that will set the tone for your entire outdoor area. Quartz is one of the hardest aggregates available today and does not etch or discolor like regular pool material. Pebble finishes, which are non-abrasive, offer just the right amount of texture and can be combined to create the exact look you desire. Whether you need concrete pool resurfacing or swimming pool replastering, you can benefit from knowing all your finish options.

It Takes Dedication

Resurfacing or replastering a pool is not a simple task. Your pool resurfacing service in Orange, CA, must first contact the city’s planning department to acquire any required permits and if there are any requirements for draining the pool. The entire surface must then be thoroughly cleaned, the plaster removed, and then cleaned again with special chemicals. Then the new surface can finally be applied.

Call in the Professionals

While there is a multitude of home improvement jobs you are probably more than capable of handling yourself, you should choose a pool resurfacing service in Orange, CA, to do any work on your pool. Water is one of the most unforgiving substances on earth. It will always find the flaw in your work and could cause damage to your pool, which would only result in you having to repeat the repair process. Calling a pool surface repair service like Alan Smith Pools can help save you both time and money.