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3 Suprising Ways Your HVAC Company Can Save You Money

All too often, homeowners only turn to a heating and cooling company when they need a new furnace or air conditioner installed, or when an emergency arises with their existing unit. When it comes to HVAC in New Canaan residents should be aware that there are other times when contacting a professional can end up saving them significant amounts of money.

Maintenance and Cleaning
A furnace or air conditioner working at optimum efficiency can save homeowners significant amounts of money in energy costs each year. In fact, The Department of Energy estimates that regular cleaning and maintenance can lower the average household’s energy costs by up to 20%. Thankfully, a professional has the skills and tools needed to perform this complicated task. During a tune-up, a heating and cooling technician will inspect equipment for leaks and malfunctions, and make sure all vents, ducts and filters are debris-free and sealed tightly. Not only will this save money on expensive utility bills, but it will prevent costly replacements and repairs by extending the system’s life.

Homeowners are often tempted to diagnose and fix minor heating and cooling repairs themselves. Unfortunately, these repairs are often done incorrectly, and they can end up causing home-handymen more problems than they started with. HVAC is a highly-skilled trade, and even seemingly-insignificant problems should be turned over to a professional with the proper tools and knowledge to do the job correctly. A quick call to an industry professional can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on unnecessary repairs or system replacements.

Equipment Upgrades
When it comes to HVAC New Canaan residents should be aware that professional heating and cooling companies can let them know when it’s more economical to replace their aging or faulty systems. Thanks to industry advances, standard furnaces are quickly being replaced with energy-efficient models that can save homeowners money on energy costs. These furnaces are up to 15% more efficient than most existing furnaces in homes today. Additionally, the government will often reimburse the consumer on costs by providing a Federal Tax Credit of up to $300. Your technician can not only install this government-approved equipment, but they can also help you decide when new installation is financially beneficial.

While these services may cost homeowners some money up-front, they can significantly decrease heating and cooling expenses in the long run. Developing a working relationship with your HVAC company can save you money all year long.