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3 Reasons Why Travelers Book Empty Leg Flights in Naples, FL

In the private jet industry, there are times when pilots make one-way trips without passengers in the planes. They are called empty leg flights and are surprisingly common. The situation occurs when a client pays for a one-way trip but no one has booked the flight back to the original point of departure. Since private jet services do not make money on these trips, they are willing to discount airfare for passengers who want to book them. Empty Leg Flights in Naples FL are popular among frequent fliers, those who want to save money, and clients who often make spur-of-the-moment travel plans.

It Is Easy to Book Spontaneous Trips

Private charter companies usually post schedules for expected empty leg flights. As a result, many fliers who enjoy taking short, spontaneous hops monitor the trips and look for dates and locations that could fit their plans. For example, it is possible to find Empty Leg Flights in Naples FL traveling to destinations like Pennsylvania, Kentucky, or the Bahamas.

Passengers Avoid the Hassle of Commercial Travel

Many business fliers who want to avoid big, crowded airports book empty leg flights via sites like Elitejets.com. These customers are often frequent fliers who get tired of the impersonal routines, long waits, and other inconveniences that are common with commercial flights. Some just want a change of pace and a chance to relax alone while they travel. Passengers do have to monitor available flights carefully, but they are usually well aware of which jet services have schedules that match theirs. Experienced fliers quickly snap up the bookings and often save money in the process.

Clients Enjoy the Elegance of a Private Jet

Some fans of empty leg flights simply enjoy traveling in planes that have lots of leg room. In recent years, airline passengers have become increasingly miserable because they are packed in with strangers for hours. Taking an empty leg flight is a much more comfortable experience. Not only do passengers travel in a quiet, pleasant cabin, they are also surrounded by luxurious amenities.

Savvy travelers who want to avoid the discomforts of commercial flights often check for empty leg flights on private jets. The flights have been paid for by a client traveling one way and are empty on the return trip, so fares are discounted. Booking these flights allows customers to travel comfortably without paying full price for a charter flight.

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