3 Reasons To Add Granite Countertops For A St. Paul, MN Kitchen Renovation

Upgrading to a new look for your kitchen in any home in St. Paul, MN, is the perfect opportunity to take your time and explore options in all aspects of the renovation. Rushing into a decision based on pressure from a contractor or based on a quick look at the materials available at the big box hardware stores can really limit the possibilities.

A very popular option and one that is also a classic in the kitchen is the addition of granite countertops. There are several reasons to consider this natural stone countertop option, and visiting a natural stone countertop showroom is a great place to become familiar with this versatile countertop option.

Color and Pattern Options

Of the true natural stone countertop options, granite countertops offer the greatest color and pattern varieties. With colors that range from neutral creams and off-whites with a variety of fleck and pattern colors to blacks, browns and earth-tone combinations, these counters can be subtle to dramatic. There are even unique blues, violets, and onyx colors that capture the look and style for a very modern kitchen to a classic farmhouse design.

Durability and Long Life

With sealing every few years, granite counters have the ability to outlast the life of the home. They are durable and can stand up to daily use in a kitchen and still maintain their luster, shiny, and natural beauty. Granite is a hard natural stone and less likely to chip than marble or other options.

Easy Maintenance

After the sealant is applied, maintaining the shine and beauty of granite countertops is simple. Wiping down with a damp microfiber cloth is all that is required for spills or messes. For disinfecting and deep cleaning the surface, natural stone cleaners are available that do not dull or streak on the surface, and are safe for use as needed.

Of course, the most significant reason to use granite for kitchen countertops is the beauty they add to any kitchen renovation. This is also a renovation that adds value to the home both immediately as well as in the future.

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