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3 Factors to Consider When Planning a Commercial HVAC Installation

Your company site needs new air conditioning. Not just any commercial unit will do. You want to select something that will keep the office space, production floor, and showroom at a comfortable temperature. As you consider your options for a new commercial HVAC installation, keep these factors in mind.

The Square Footage the Unit Must Cool

One of the first factors to consider is the size of the new industrial air conditioning unit you will be installing in Lake Charles. The unit must be powerful enough to adequately cool every area of the facility. This is where the expertise of a contractor will make a difference. After inspecting the space and determining what sort of insulation and other factors will influence the choice, the contractor can recommend a unit that will work properly.

The Energy Rating

Always pay close attention to the energy rating. The rating should usually be at least 8, although 11-12 is a better choice for many commercial properties. Remember that the higher energy rating the unit possesses, the more energy efficient it happens to be. While you may spend a little more for a unit with a higher rating, the cost will be offset by the utility savings that your new commercial HVAC installation generates.

The Warranty and Service Contract Provisions

Even after finding an option for commercial air conditioning that has the power and the energy rating that you need, there’s one more factor to consider closely. You want to ensure that the warranty and service provisions that come along with the commercial HVAC installation are reasonable and will help you if something goes wrong through no fault of your own. Ideally, the service contract will include a minimum number of free service calls for each calendar year, discounts on parts and labor when needed, and in general provisions that make it easier to care maintain the unit properly.

Remember that your investment in a new commercial air conditioning unit will be an asset for the business. From ensuring the finished inventory is kept at the proper temperature to providing your employees with a comfortable place to work, the right unit will be worth every penny.

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