3 Essential Questions Before You Pick Patio Furniture Pieces for Your Home Dec16


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3 Essential Questions Before You Pick Patio Furniture Pieces for Your Home

If you haven’t been using your patio that much, you’re missing out on a good spot for rest and relaxation. Enjoy that space again by investing in good patio furniture. Here’s how to know whether it’s a match for your home or not:

Are the colors a match?

Find pieces that are a perfect match the style, décor and vibe of the house. Create a cohesive and flowing design by matching it with the dominant colors of your patio or home. Have dark green walls? Go for gray colors. These complement each other and will give that space a wonderfully soothing vibe. Have rose colored walls? Go for coral couches and seats.

Is it in the right material?

It’s not always easy to find furniture pieces that last long, especially if it’s constantly exposed to the sun, wind or rain. Moisture has damaging effects for wood furniture, for instance. If you want durable and sturdy, buy wicker patio furniture instead. These are resistant to mold, sun and rust so you won’t have to worry about replacing them too soon or spending on a new one because of premature wear and tear.

Do they custom-make cushions?

A great part of the furniture will the kind and quality of cushions you’ll get. If you want a restful sleep, a comfortable, UV and moisture-resistant cushion is a must, says Real Simple. However, picking out cushions in the standard black won’t do. If you want a better way to showcase your personality and style, go for companies that offer custom-made cushions. So whether you want them designed in the pattern you like, in colors you love or want it peppered with your favorite pop culture icon—Cookie Monster, the Beatles or Mulder and Scully—you can. If you want a great deal of leeway and freedom in choosing your cushions, make sure to ask about these services.

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