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3 Considerations To Remember When Designing Your Next Rochester Bathroom Remodel

Homeowners remodeling their bathrooms have many more considerations than just a wall-hung toilet and a twin sink vanity. You’ll need to know how much lighting in addition to natural light from windows you’ll need. Electrical outlets for everyone’s small appliances is a must. With those basics in mind, those planning a bathroom remodel Rochester MI should plan for these three considerations.

1. Showers

Not every member of every family will be able to lift their feet over the lip of the shower. Nor could these family members remain upright on a slippery shower floor. Many shower options in bathroom designs are available to the homeowner with senior family members or those with arthritis or injuries. Open showers are the most popular, but trending now is granite roll-in showers. Both are available with non-slip flooring.

2. Lighting

Bathroom designs now feature recessed cans for ambient lighting, chandeliers, wall sconces, and backlit mirrors for focus lighting. This is necessary for many operations such as getting the hair and makeup right for work or a social event, shaving properly, and putting in our contact lenses. If the budget won’t cover new windows, then lighting fixtures are the next best thing.

3. Storage

Not only bath linens and toilet paper rolls need to be stored in bathrooms. Your bathroom remodel Rochester MI should include storage for small appliances like hair dryers and shavers, personal grooming products, bath essentials like soap and lotion, and perhaps the odd book or iPod. Acorn Kitchen & Bath can tell you more about bath remodels when you contact them at acornkitchen.com.

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