3 Benefits of Using Specialized Billing Software in Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment providers face unique challenges when it comes to patient billing, but too many addiction treatment centers utilize generic billing software because it’s cheaper or they don’t know any better. If you’re on the fence about switching to a system that’s more specialized, here are three benefits of using specific addiction treatment billing software.

Minimize fraud inquiries

According to Nelson Hardiman, insurance companies are increasingly conducting audits of addiction treatment program providers and looking for cases of fraud and abuse. The best way to ensure that your organization does not get tangled up in a lengthy and costly audit is to use addiction treatment billing software that makes coding and claims straightforward and simple for your staff.

Eliminate unnecessary functionality

If you’re saddled with billing software that’s designed for a large hospital, your administrative staff has to do the unnecessary work of sifting through modules that are irrelevant to your specific work in addiction treatment. Switching to billing software specialized for your field means that you won’t be paying for functionality that you never use, and allow your staff to work more efficiently.

Specialized customer support

Contacting customer support for a software provider that doesn’t understand the unique IT challenges of addiction treatment can be a nightmare. Instead, look for a specialized software provider that offers training catered to the role of your business, as well as 24/7 customer support. Your administrative staff will appreciate spending less time explaining the basics of their job, because they’ll be working with customer service representatives that already understand the IT needs of the addiction treatment field.

Healthcare providers working in addiction treatment have enough challenges without adding extra headaches from billing software. The numerous benefits of switching to specialized software for your field will be felt by your grateful staff and passed on to benefit your patients as well.

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