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2 of Philadelphia’s Top Attractions You Should Visit on Your Weekend Trip

Pennsylvania is a state that is steeped in rich history and tradition. It is widely known as the “Keystone State.” Philadelphia is a city in Pennsylvania that is well-known not only for its colonial history but for its culture, arts and cuisine. Perhaps you are planning to take a weekend trip to Philadelphia top attractions, and are searching for the best places to visit. Here are two attractions you should not miss when visiting this beautiful and vibrant city.

Be Part of History

Said to have made its debut in the 1930s, the amazing and super fulfilling cheesesteak is an iconic sandwich known to be consumed throughout Philadelphia. One of the oldest and well-known cheesesteak shops in Philly is Pat’s King of Steaks. Its competitor is right across the street and goes by the name of Geno’s Steaks. These two iconic and historical cheesesteak establishments have been going head to head for decades. So, when you are in town, be a part of history, rather eat a part of history, by eating at both these beloved cheesesteak shops.

A Bird’s Eye View

When you are feeling stuffed from eating cheesesteaks, you might want to consider walking it off. Less than a 2-mile walk away from either cheesesteak establishments, you will have the option to see one of Philly’s best views at the observation deck located on Market Street. View the city’s amazing skyline with 360-degree views by riding an elevator that will take you 57 floors up to the observation deck. This bird’s eye view is certainly an attraction you won’t want to miss while in Philly.

Top Attractions

Perhaps you have already added the two cheesesteak shops to your list of Philadelphia top attractions and are now wondering about the name of the particular observation deck mentioned above. Visit One Liberty Observation Deck. This observation deck is one of the best Philadelphia top attractions to visit. So, call or visit them today.

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