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10 Tips on Choosing Animal Hospitals in Chandler AZ

Finding just the right veterinarian and animal hospital takes some effort, but this should become a long-term relationship. A veterinarian who is familiar with the pet will be more likely to spot a problem. Below are some tips on choosing an animal hospital in Chandler AZ area.

  • Get references from family, friends, co-workers, shelters, rescue groups or anyone you know who loves animals.
  • Take a look at the veterinarian’s experience and education. It is usually listed on their website.
  • Is the animal hospital able to provide all of the services that your pet will need? Will the lab work be done in-house or sent out? Does the hospital have x-ray and ultrasound equipment, use IVs when necessary, do dental work and perform laser surgery?
  • Will they allow you to tour the hospital and boarding area? Is it clean and well-organized? Of course, there will be areas being used for patient exams and surgeries that will be off-limits.
  • Do they require appointments? Are the hours they are open convenient? What is their price schedule?
  • What emergency services are available?
  • Are there separate areas for dog and cat cages? If you have an unusual pet, such as a ferret or iguana, is there someone on staff who has experience with that kind of pet?
  • Talk to the vet and see if he/she answers questions satisfactorily. Can the vet explain a technical issue in everyday English? Does it seem that he/she truly cares about animals and is someone you could have a professional relationship with?
  • If your pet is hospitalized, what is the policy on getting updates on the pet’s condition? Can you call as often as you want to?
  • Watch how the assistants and techs act with the animals and clients. Are they calm with the pets? Ask how long they have been working with the practice. Longevity is an indication that they feel able to take good care of the animals and enjoy their jobs.

Family VetCare of Chandler has been caring for families’ well-loved pets for over 30 years. These family-owned Animal Hospitals provide comprehensive veterinarian services, including orthopedic and laser surgery, endoscopy and ultrasound, wellness exams and vaccinations, dental care and senior pet care. Walk-ins are welcome. The practice has Animal Hospitals in Chandler AZ, Mesa AZ and Phoenix AZ.