Handle Your Topsoil Needs in Waukesha WI

by | Sep 30, 2013 | Landscaping

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As a good gardener, make sure that your soil has enough nutrients for the plants. Even with all your individual efforts, it may still be necessary to add topsoil. Check the quality of the supplier because good soil is not weedy or polluted with toxins or debris. Choose topsoil that is the right quality and texture compared to your existing soil. Planting is a task that takes months of effort, so choose the most reliable Topsoil Waukesha WI provider.

There are several options that come with using topsoil. Buy clay or sandy topsoil that can be mixed according to your needs. Dark-colored soil is richer in organic nutrients than the light-colored kind. Reddish or tannish soil is lighter and allows more drainage, but it has fewer nutrients. Buy premixed soil or make a custom mix. You may need to mix the clay with the sand and some organic nutrients.

First, know if topsoil is actually required in your yard or garden. Test a sample of the existing soil, which includes the moisture and pH levels. The soil must have the right acidic and alkaline balance. After you get the results, know which nutrients to add and how often. Then, estimate the amount of topsoil needed for the entire project. Buy bulk orders by the carton or truckload.

Make sure that your soil has proper drainage. If the soil has excessive clay, you need thin, sandy topsoil. However, nutrients seep out of sand more easily. Otherwise, include more clay if the soil does not retain enough water. Clay is not easy to distribute like sand, but it packs in moisture and nutrients. For the best growth results, create a good balance of both clay and sand materials.

The natural ground does not always provide the right conditions for plant growing. Topsoil is needed to grow vegetation. It is used to promote existing soil, but make sure that it has the right nutrients. There is no reason not to consider getting this product for a long-term project. Get all your soil needs taken care of at the Bluemel’s Garden & Landscape Center.

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