The Wonderfully Elegant Adventure of a Destin Dolphin Tours

by | Oct 29, 2013 | Water Sports

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So many dolphin tours seem like a huge cattle call. A visitor’s time with a dolphin is limited to just a brief moment, and only a few get to even touch the dolphins. In Destin, the dolphin tours are the exact opposite of a cattle call. They are far more intimate. Each individual seems to connect with the dolphins in a strange and polarizing way. Visitors have left changed forever by the power and gracefulness of these wonderful creatures. Intimate and tiny groups go out on the tours led by a practiced veteran of the tours who know the dolphins personally. These are not random dolphins that hang about. The bottle-nosed creatures know the team leaders, and they know what is occurring. They will come right up to visitors in the patrol boat because they believe they are safe. The dolphins have been born and bred locally.

The dolphins surf, bob, and generally encircle a visitors jet ski or wave runner. Destin Dolphin Tours also allow visitors to come across a few other fantastic creatures of the sea. It is not uncommon for individuals to witness great blue herons, giant manta rays, and Canadian geese amongst the wildlife in the tour. The manta rays in particular can have wing spans up to 6 feet, making these majestic creatures beautiful sites to behold.

It only takes a few minutes to get to the dolphin location where the dolphins expect visitors and will be awaiting the small intimate group. Larger groups are imposing and generally frighten the animals. But these smaller more refined groups give dolphins the peace and comfort to nose right alongside the jet skis and circle them patiently.

When one ask a child what one of their favorite memories was, it was probably the opportunity to see and play with dolphins. There is something majestic and beautiful about these creatures. They connect with us on a deeper level. It may have a lot to do with a combination between their intelligence and their friendliness. Destin Dolphin Tours protect the animals first and foremost. Witness an encounter that is personal and unlike any other.

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