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What You Need to Know About Window Tint Connecticut

Getting a window tint refers to the application of a thin dark film on windows so as to make it darker and hence reduce the amount of light passing through it. Conventional films were simply dark and only able to block out excessive sunshine, new window tint materials have been introduced into the market and are able to offer more than just reduced light. Different technology has also been applied when it comes to the colour of the tint.

One of the reasons to have a tint is so as to reduce the amount of heat caused by the sun’s direct rays. Tinting home windows therefore reduces the amount of heat in the house making it much cheaper in terms of energy costs where air conditioning systems are being used for maintaining cool internal temperatures. It is important to understand that not all dark window tint types are able to offer heat rejection. Heat rejection is only possible where the film used for the tint is able to reflect off the sun’s rays rather than absorbing them. Reflection is possible with tints made from metallized film since they have better reflective properties.

When it comes to window tint, Connecticut, it is important to keep in mind that there are certain set legal limits for the degree of tint you can apply on your vehicle. It is important to ensure that all tints are within the set legal limits to avoid any problems with the law. These limits are usually set in terms of percentages for road safety purposes and also for increased security.

A good window tint is supposed to provide Ultraviolet protection, this is protection from the sun’s hazardous rays which are responsible for heat and have been known to cause skin complications such as skin cancer. Most factory tints on vehicles do not provide Ultraviolet ray protection. It is important to specifically request for tints that offer this kind of protection.

The best quality tints should be able to go for years without any notable change in colour, low quality tints change colour usually turning to purple due to the effect of the harsh sun rays. Most manufactures offer warranties on the tint they sell making them more reliable.

If you have a window tint installed, it is very important that you practice extra caution when cleaning your windows. This is because the tint film can be damaged by a number of chemicals. Cleaning should therefore be done using a wet towel. All cleaning products that have ammonia,

There are a number of reason to put up a tint, these include increased privacy, better internal temperatures during the hot seasons, better security and protection from the sun’s UV light.