What you need to know about different rock types

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Home and Garden

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Why should I use rock?

Rock is an effective way to add beauty and elegance to any landscaping project. It perfectly complements existing yard features such as water features, playgrounds, and pathways. Rock comes in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes and can add a unique presence to an otherwise bland landscape. There are many types of locally sourced rock in Portland Oregon or near the area, so finding the perfect addition to any landscaping project should be a breeze!


Flagstone is a naturally occurring flat stone that is typically 1 to 3 inches thick and used for paving walkways, patios, and construction of fences and roofing. Usually it comes in red, blue, and tan, but other more exotic colors exist. It is a durable material that provides a rustic look to dress up any yard or landscaping project.

Curb Stone and Ledge Stone

Curb stone is wide thick rock typically made of basalt. The most common color is gray, but variations of terra cotta, blue and light lavender can also be found. It is often used for walls, steps, curbs and driveway edging. Ledge stone is thinner than curb stone. It is most commonly used for garden edging, lawn bordering, and retaining wall construction. This type of stone is well suited for use with mortar to create a retaining wall that adds a bold statement to any landscape. It comes in a variety of colors. Montana Pritchard ledge stone typically displays brown and greys with shades of violet. Basalt ledge stone is predominately gray in color with shades of terra cotta, blue and lavender. Silver Falls ledge stone comes in a variety of colors ranging from brown, amber, charcoal and even silver.


There is no better way to set your yard apart from your neighbors than to accent your landscape with ornate boulders. It looks exquisite when placed around water features such as waterfalls and ponds. It can also be used as a vehicle barrier by placing one boulder on each side of the driveway entrance. This can transform any ordinary driveway into one that makes a regal statement to guests. Placing a few boulders around the garden is an excellent way to frame the area in rustic elegance. Boulders typically weigh 400 to 1200 pounds.

River Rock

River rock is rounded and smoothed by continual rapid water flow over the stone. With a naturally enchanting appearance it’s a unique addition to any water feature, drainage system, garden or lawn. It comes in a variety of beautiful colors. Grey river rock is locally sourced in Portland Oregon and is an appealing blend of different shades of grey. Also available is the stunning multi-colored river rock, which is a blend of many different colors.

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