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What To Expect When Seeing A Physical Therapist in Fargo ND

If someone injures their shoulder, finding ways to minimize pain and increase mobility is necessary to continue movements as before the incident occurred. Many people find that seeing a Physical Therapist in Fargo MD is a beneficial way to find relief. Here are some of the actions a physical therapist will take to help to get a shoulder injury to subside.

Tests Are Conducted Before A Plan Is Made

A physical therapist will require that a complete evaluation of the person’s shoulder be done by a doctor. The doctor will need to write out their recommendations regarding the healing of the shoulder so physical therapy sessions do not cause further damage to the area. The evaluation may include X-Rays, an MRI, and a physical assessment of the condition of the arm as a result of the injury.

Light Exercises Are Monitored And Intensified

When going to physical therapy sessions, exercises are done while under the watchful eyes of those who work at the physical therapy establishment. If the person is unable to do exercises without pain, reducing the number of repetitions or extent of movements made will help. A therapist will keep records regarding the difficulty the patient seems to have with the ordeal and will tweak exercise schedules if necessary. When the shoulder muscles strengthen, exercises are increased to help to heal the area completely.

Massage, Temperature Control, and Electric Stimulation Are Added

A physical therapist will give the injured person light massage of the shoulder at each session. This helps to get the blood flowing in the area, making it easier for muscles to work at doing exercises as necessary. Placing an ice pack on the affected area helps to reduce inflammation of the area. This is helpful in reducing pain. After a few days, the application of heat will benefit the injured person. Electric stimulation machines are also used during physical therapy sessions to help to move muscles in injured areas.

If someone wishes to see a Physical Therapist in Fargo ND after injuring their shoulder, going to a practice known for their caring staff members is desirable. Check out a website like  to find out more today.