Understanding Masonry Renovations in Chicago, IL

by | Nov 19, 2018 | Construction & Maintanance

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Imagine being told you need a masonry renovation in Chicago IL. What exactly does this mean, what will it entail, and how much will it cost? These are the first questions that may pop into a property owner’s mind. Don’t panic. This type of work may be minor or it could be extensive. This cannot be known until a professional comes out to assess the damage and develop a plan for addressing the issue. Keep this in mind and be knowledgeable about what to expect for great outcomes every time.

What Is a Masonry Renovation?

A masonry renovation is any work done on masonry on an existing building. This does not refer to the actual construction of a new structure but only encompasses work done on a building that is already in place. The scope of the project varies on what the client wishes to be done. It may involve tuck pointing, in which a new joint is added, or it may involve repointing, a process where mortar is removed from a joint and replaced. These are only two of the many tasks that may be needed during a renovation project of this type.

What Will the Renovation Entail?

This depends on the work that needs to be done. A masonry professional must come out and analyze the building to locate any areas of concern. Once they have been identified, a plan for correcting the issues needs to be created. Care must be taken to ensure the right professional is selected for the job, however, as new methods used today may harm older buildings made of softer substances. Keep this in mind when choosing a company to handle the masonry renovations.

How Much Will It Cost?

A person cannot determine how much the renovations will cost until the problem has been assessed and a restoration plan created. In the event a company offers an estimate over the phone without visiting the building, it is time to continue looking for someone to handle the job. The odds of the quoted price increasing once the work begins are high when an estimate is offered before the building is seen.

Contact us to learn more about a masonry renovation in Chicago IL. A building is an investment in one’s future. This is one area where you do not want to cut corners, as doing so could be more costly in the long run.

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