What Do You Understand By Online Fulfillment Services?

by | Jan 20, 2014 | Business

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Today’s language has become full of phrases which, when heard or seen out of context, might appear to have very little meaning. This is partly a result of one group, who are closely tied up in an activity, will develop their own way of describing what it is that they actually do; especially if they are engaged in a new form of technology or thinking. When they are talking amongst themselves; everyone knows exactly what is going on; but, over time, they become so used to their “insider” language that they come to believe that those of us outside the loop will also comprehend.

Which Is Why I Have To Ask; “What Are Online Fulfillment Services?”

These days, we hear so much about the more risqué side of the internet; that we probably could be excused if we raised an eyebrow on hearing mention of Online Fulfillment Services. However, we are, perhaps, more likely to hear it being used by upright businessmen engaged in the ever growing fields of B2B (business to business) or DTC (direct to consumer) on line transactions (i.e. e-commerce). I suppose, they could be selling something ”naughty” on line; but, I doubt very much if anyone gets any satisfaction from the on line part of the experience.

Rather, I am now convinced that this (new to me) term applies to the process whereby somebody searches for an actual item on line and, once they have found it, places an on line order at an e-commerce site. The supplier then fills this order and arranges to deliver the goods to the buyer. All payments will also be made on line; either by credit card or some other form of electronic payment. Payments are often demanded before the seller will accept any order.

Online Fulfillment Services are those parts of this e-commerce process that happen in between the point where a buyer’s order has been accepted and confirmed by the seller and the items are finally received correctly by the buyer. The store may be on line and “in the cloud”; but, the Online Fulfillment Services must have their feet firmly on the ground and have a definite physical presence. These services make up the warehousing, packaging and dispatch shipping stages for actual goods that have been ordered on line.

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