Trade Show Booth Display – Draw Attention

by | Apr 21, 2014 | Event Planning

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There is no disputing the importance of creating an attractive trade show booth display. However, getting enough traffic to make the booth a success usually proves to be a difficult task. In order to gain attraction one needs to be sufficiently prepared with an aggressive strategy. Swimsuit models and clowns are things of the past and won’t really help to grab attention. Instead, opt for colorful and interesting. Use signage that is eye-catching and that will urge guests to stop.

The first step is letting regular and in-house customers know about the trade show, and where they can find the booth. Secondly, target the registered guests who will be attending. In most cases the organizers will provide such a list upon selling a booth spot. When this information is available then send emails and make the necessary phone calls. Let the guests know what they can expect to find and inform them if any incentives will be available at the booth.

Keep in mind the people at the booth will act as ambassadors, so they need to be intuitive and approachable. Display booths that present a calm sanctuary away from the noise and crowd are usually the ones that do the best in terms of generating traffic. For this reason make sure to get a quiet spot ahead of time. Take great care in keeping a balance between walking space and display tables. Don’t set up a crowded booth where there is no room to move.

Last but not least, in case of a new product release make sure to have some demos. People love to test and play with new toys. In essence one should cater to the crowd, which once again leads to preparation and investigation. A trade show booth display doesn’t have to be expensive and placed in the correct place it can be a powerful tool. However, it can become expensive when it doesn’t attract the necessary crowd. Think outside the box so-to-speak. By making the booth unique and interesting it will do more than just stand out from the competition. It can give any business a nice boost.

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