Signs You May Have a Dead Tree In Need of Tree Removal St. Paul MN

Knowing the warning signs that you have a dead tree can save you a lot of time and money in repairs. Dead trees are more apt to fall during high winds, which can greatly damage your home or injure one of your loved ones. Here are few signs that you may have a dead tree in need of Tree Removal St. Paul MN.


Some trees such as pines and conifers lose their leaves all the time, but if your trees are not of this variety and you notice leaves dying quickly, you may have problem. If all of the leaves of your tree are falling to the ground during the spring and summer months, then chances are it is diseased and in need of Tree Removal St. Paul MN. Also if you notice the leaves attached to the tree are diseased and discolored, this is also a sign of disease in the tree.


Just as falling leaves in a warm month is a sign of tree disease, so is the falling of branches. Everyone knows that a tree will drop branches during high winds and bad weather, but if you have branches falling that are leafless and brittle, then you might have a problem. If you take a closer look at your tree, you will probably find rot and other signs of disease that will require tree removal to fix.

Trunk Problems

Most people are quite familiar with the owl hole that adorns many children’s drawings of trees, but many fail to realize that this means that the tree is diseased. In these owl holes, there is usually signs of insect infestation and other tree disease. Usually, the hole will start quite small and get bigger as the tree gets sicker, which usually leads to tree removal.

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