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Choosing a LASIK Surgeon

Getting LASIK surgery can be the right move for you. But before you can go ahead with the operation, it’s crucial that you find the right doctor. Here are some tips to help you choose the surgeon to carry out the procedure for you.

Start with experience

There’s really no substitute for experience. Find a doctor with in-depth knowledge of the procedure, its outcome and the necessary patient care. Surgeons who have been doing the treatment for years already have the kind of expertise that makes it possible for them to perform the operation effortlessly.

Factor in specialization

Not just any kind of eye doctor will do. Look for surgeons who specialize in LASIK surgery. That’s one way to get someone with relevant experience to handle your case. The right doctor will make a huge difference in the results, so it’s best that you look for someone with specialized skills to do it.

Look for a License

When you look for a surgeon, consider the credentials of the doctor. Is your doctor board-certified? S/he should be, the Better Vision Guide says. If that’s not the case, then you have little to no guarantee that the results of the procedure will be successful. If you want the best outcome possible, then take steps to ensure that. Choosing a licensed surgeon is part of that.

Check reviews

Another way to find out whether you’ve got a reliable and reputable surgeon for the job is to check out reviews about the surgeon and facility. What are the common issues mentioned in the feedback? Is the general trend in the reviews positive?

Consider the equipment

Pick a surgeon who uses the latest tools and technologies. Outdated equipment can compromise the process and results. You’ll want to take the time to go over the machines and equipment before you pick a surgeon.

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